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Your spring issue of 'think':

we’re ready for 2021 because of you.

Thanks to you, our scientists are still able to make essential progress – getting us ever closer to the dementia treatments that will change countless lives.

As a charity, it’s rare for us to navigate anything as difficult as this past year. It has been challenging, and we hope you’ve been able to cope with the setbacks that may have come your way.

Although the pandemic is still very much with us, research is finding a way to overcome it, just as research will deliver breakthroughs for dementia.

Below, you can read our latest edition of think. There you’ll find plenty of examples of how, thanks to your committed support, we stand at the start of this new year, in good shape and as determined to find a life-changing treatment as ever.

With you by our side, we’ll have the greatest possible chance of success in 2021. Thank you.


think Spring Issue

With your help our scientists can keep their vital studies going over the year ahead.

Please continue to back our essential work if you are able to, and in whatever way you can.