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Dear ,

We need your support to help us bring about desperately needed treatments for dementia.

The progress made in research in recent years through the Challenge on Dementia is a testament to the emphasis and investment given to dementia research.

We’ve laid a strong foundation, but we must continue to build on it to truly change the impact of dementia on our loved ones, our health system and our economy.

Through additional government funding, the number of dementia researchers in the UK has increased. There is now one dementia researcher for every four cancer researchers – closing the gap from one in six in 2012.

Unfortunately, XXX (XX%) of dementia researchers polled by Alzheimer’s Research UK say they have considered leaving the field or know someone who did because of a lack of funding since the Challenge was launched. XX% say these scientists left for another career.

Almost all say there are gaps in research or emerging theories that need more funding. With dementia now the leading cause of death in the UK, we must have the levels of funding to keep researchers working in the field.

We know that with the right support, dementia research will deliver life-changing treatments in the same way that medical research has helped to transform the lives of people with cancer and HIV/AIDS.

To do this, we must have the financial backing to increase the numbers of researchers working in the field so we can explore new avenues of research and accelerate towards desperately needed treatments.

Alzheimer’s Research UK has pledged to commit £250m of extra funding to research by 2025. The charity is calling on government to invest £320m in research each year, the equivalent of just 1% of the annual cost of dementia. This would triple current investment.

As researchers, we implore the government to meet this ambition in the current review of the Challenge on Dementia and the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

UK scientists have tackled some of the world’s greatest health crises. With the right backing, we will do the same for dementia.


Prof John Hardy & Prof Tara Spires-Jones

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