Poetry Competition

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2019 Poetry and Readings Competition

A Time of Reflection
By Ed Pinches

Light dances, it shimmers and shines, reflecting off the water,
The seasons come, the seasons go, and the nights get ever shorter.
Outside the wooden chairs, once thrones, sit in the cold. Frost is rife,
Inside the family starts to gather around the fire. This is life.

Words fly around, conversations canter, presents pass over,
but yet …. missing, sparkle, wit, the stories that define her.

Family and friends rally together, to do something different,
Time, patience, persistence, we experiment.

Lips move, a smile is cracked, laughter fills the air,
Relief is fleeting, gone again, life is not fair,
Yet it is a reminder that breakthroughs can be made,
A message of hope that one day we won’t need to be afraid.

A Message of Hope
By Graham Macgregor

There’s a stigma about dementia. No one wants to get it; lots of people don’t know how to deal with it. For the person diagnosed with the condition, things change. In my mum’s case, friends who used to phone regularly no longer keep in touch. Instead they find it easier to phone me and ask that I pass on their love to my mum. How sad really. Though mum may be slower and less able to remember the short term, she is still my mum and still a wonderful lady. She still has life and that is such a blessing.
I heard someone tell of a wee lady whose condition had deteriorated and was now in a nursing home. One day she was anxious and kept repeating one word – the word “God.” A kind nurse took her hand and realised that the wee lady feared she might forget God. The nurse gently reminded her that though she may forget God, God will never forget her. Thereafter, the wee lady became less anxious and found peace.
God never forgets those suffering with dementia and it’s up to us to continue to do our best for them. Love comes from the heart and reminding mum, and people like her, that they are still wonderful, amazing and essential, is so important. No matter how stressed we are, remember how blessed we are. We can laugh about finding a bag of crisps and a bag of apples in the freezer. A minor blip in the fullness of life! Let’s continue to embrace life with all its imperfections.