Poetry Competition

Do you have a talent for writing and some words of hope to share?

Enter our competition for the opportunity to have your reading or poem read aloud by a special guest at our Hope. Remember. Celebrate events this December, and an invitation to the event to hear your words being read.

At Hope. Remember. Celebrate, we come together to sing carols and to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones affected by dementia. As we look forward to future breakthroughs, thanks to the progress being made by research, we’re looking for writing that reflects this hope, commemorating the lives and memories of people affected by dementia.

What is a poem?

  • A poem is a composition in verse rather than prose.
  • It is usually characterised by concentrated and heightened language, in words that are selected for their sound and suggestive power as well as for their meaning.
  • It uses techniques such as meter, rhyme and alliteration.
  • Poetry uses line breaks either to follow a formatted rhythm or to emphasise an idea.
  • Lines can be long, or as short as one word.
  • Poems must be between 20-40 lines.

What is a reading?

  • A reading is usually in prose form: a continuous piece of writing.
  • It uses sentences and paragraphs.
  • It sounds similar to ordinary speech or writing.
  • Readings must be between 250-500 words.

This competition is now closed. The winners will be announced on Monday 25th November, with winning entries read aloud at both concerts.