COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on people affected by dementia. Thousands of people with dementia have seen their condition deteriorate due to social isolation, families have been unable to visit their loved ones in care homes, and a quarter of the people who have died from the virus in England and Wales also had dementia.

And to make matters worse, progress in dementia research is at risk, meaning the life-changing treatments in our sights will face delays. This is because COVID-19 has forced labs to close, caused a huge drop in funding opportunities and resulted in groundbreaking projects being delayed or cancelled.

We must protect the future of dementia research. The government made an election pledge to double funding for dementia research to over £160 million a year. Together, we can make sure they keep their promise.

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The government must urgently invest in dementia research and set out plans to deliver its election promise to double funding and speed up progress in clinical trials. This will protect the progress made so far and bring about life-changing treatments for dementia sooner.

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