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    Reduce Risk

    Despite growing evidence that people can take action to impact their risk of dementia, awareness remains low compared to other health conditions.

    This highlights a clear need for continued and expanded public health messaging around dementia risk.

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    Dementia Causes Death

    Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are now the leading cause of death in the UK, accounting for more than 12% of all deaths.

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    Treatment Effectiveness

    There are currently treatments that can temporarily help with some symptoms caused by dementia.

    However, there is no treatment that can prevent, slow or stop the diseases that cause dementia.

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    DAM Graphic

    Breakthroughs in treatment development are likely to rely on people being diagnosed with the diseases that cause dementia much earlier.

    Alzheimer's Research UK is committed to early diagnosis and has set a goal to detect the diseases that cause dementia before symptoms show.

  • These questions come from our Dementia Attitudes Monitor, one of the most comprehensive surveys of UK-wide public perceptions of dementia and research.

    If you'd like more information about the Monitor, please speak to an Alzheimer's Research UK representative.