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Together we will find breakthrough treatments for all types of dementia

I know how good togetherness can feel. Ever since my diagnosis, it has meant a great deal to know supporters like you have been there to keep dementia research going, so thank you.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare young-onset dementia known as Posterior Cortical Atrophy. I have lost a great deal of my sight as well as my ability to work, and times have been tough.

This year has been tough for us all, and now the future of dementia research is also at risk.

In the video below, scientist Ashling Giblin explains how the pandemic has put the future of dementia research at risk. Supporters like you and I can help change this.

I volunteer for dementia research and it means so much to know that I can help scientists learn more about conditions like mine so that they can find breakthrough treatments for all types of dementia.

But now more than ever, Alzheimer’s Research UK needs our help to keep research studies open during an increasingly uncertain time.

This Christmas can you join me and support vital dementia research with a gift today?

Together, we can power the essential work of our scientists working to find treatments for everyone living with the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia.

Please, donate today if you can.


Please donate today


This festive season, some of us may be unable to spend as much time with our loved ones as we’d hoped.

That’s why we’re offering this simple decoration to help you connect with those close to you.

You can download it, write your own message or attach a photo and send it to a loved one, to let them know you’re thinking of them this Christmas.

Christmas Decoration

Please donate today


Your gift will help to safeguard the future and it will ensure that researchers can conduct every aspect of their essential work.

At Alzheimer’s Research UK we know how difficult it is to lose a connection with someone you love. It’s why we’re committed to finding a way to treat dementia. With your support we can get closer to finding a breakthrough dementia treatment and ending the heartbreak that this condition can cause.

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£30 could help us fund vital clinical trials, the final step to getting new treatments into the hands of people with dementia.

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£50 could help us find a new Alzheimer’s risk gene – adding to previous discoveries that have been invaluable for building our understanding of the disease and revealing new targets for treatments.

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£75 could pay towards the cost of a sensitive brain scan for a research study volunteer, tracking the effectiveness of new drug treatments, improving diagnosis and understanding of how diseases like Alzheimer’s wreak havoc in the brain.

How much of my donation will go to research?

For every £1 donated, 77p powers our research and helps people to understand and take action on dementia.

We continually focus on running the charity as efficiently as possible, including using volunteers wherever we can. We’re totally transparent – further details can be found in our Annual Report.

How can I become a volunteer for dementia research?

Join Dementia Research is a national service that’s helped more than 45,000 people connect with dementia research studies over the past five years. People living with dementia, carers and people without dementia are needed to volunteer for vital research, to help researchers understand more about dementia, its diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

If this is something you would like to get involved with, you can find out more here.

If you would prefer to donate by phone, have any questions or if there’s anything we can help you with, please call our Supporter Care team on 0300 111 5555 or email enquiries@alzheimersresearchuk.org. We’re here weekdays, 9am-5pm.