Alzheimer’s at 30, Carla’s story

Carla is bedbound in a care home, unable to speak or recognise her family.

Mum-of-two Carla Bramall began showing the symptoms of dementia at just 30-years-old, and she was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at just 36. Now 39, Carla is bedbound in a care home, unable to recognise her family or even speak or move her head. The rare, inherited form of dementia claimed the life of her father Barry, as well as her granddad and uncle, all in their 40s. Her cousin is also under 40 and in a care home.

Carla and Lee

Carla’s mum Rita Pepper and brother Lee Bramall have decided to speak out about their family’s tragic experience to raise awareness of familial Alzheimer’s disease, and the need for urgent dementia treatments. They’ve set up a fundraising page in Carla’s honour, in the hope that one day new treatments can be found.

Donate in Carla’s honour

A message from Rita:

“Watching my own child go through this is indescribably painful, it breaks my heart. I know Lee is devastated to see his sister this way.

“My grandkids rarely see Carla now because she is so different to how she used to be. It’s incredibly difficult for them, they leave in tears whenever they see her at the home.

“People don’t believe us when we say Carla is in her 30s and has Alzheimer’s, but we need people to see that this is happening to young people too.

“It might be too late for Barry and Carla but we are desperate for people to help us raise awareness for the future generations who will be affected by this cruel disease.

“Alzheimer’s Research UK is funding the best research into dementia which is why we are fundraising for the charity. I just hope that one day treatments can be readily given to people in the same position as my daughter.

“All my grandkids wanted for Christmas was their mum back, which is something I can’t give them. But donating to dementia research is something I can do for them to fight back.”

Donate in Carla’s honour