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You may already know that looking after your heart, staying sharp and keeping connected could help reduce your dementia risk.


Help fund research that looks deeper into the risk factors for dementia, as well as investigating new ways to detect, treat and ultimately, cure, all forms of the condition.

£5 a month

could help us find a new Alzheimer's risk gene to build our understanding of the disease and revealing new targets for treatments.

£7 a month

could assist scientists developing a blood test to help detect the disease in its earliest stages.

£10 a month

could help support long-term population studies to unpick the risk factors for dementia and reveal the best ways to maintain good brain health.

"To make big breakthroughs, we need to diagnose people early. We need to have knowledge of what triggers the Alzheimer's process in some people and not in others, and then we can find a way to interrupt that process. There's a lot of work happening on that, there just needs to be more so that we make faster progress."

Dr Helen Beaumont - Alzheimer's Research UK-funded scientist