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Who will help cure the diseases that cause dementia?


With your support, we will find a cure for the diseases that cause dementia.

Last year donations like yours enabled us to invest £23.6m in dementia research

Together we can find a cure.

£7 a month

could help fund a chemical kit to help scientists detect and study rogue dementia proteins in the brain.

£5 a month

could assist scientists developing a blood test to help detect the disease in its earliest stages.

£3 a month

could help pay for a sensitive brain scan for a person involved in a research study, tracking the effectiveness of new drug treatments.

Scott and Barbara

"Dementia impacts the very core of who we are, our connection to the world, the people we love, the memories we cherish. With dementia, we slowly lose these. No one should have to endure the heartbreak of dementia. And that’s why Alzheimer’s Research exists."

Scott Mitchell, Alzheimer’s Research UK Ambassador