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Together we can end the heartbreak of dementia

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With your support, our scientists are breaking new ground in the search for life-changing dementia treatments. Every day, we are learning more about the diseases that cause dementia and how to overcome them. And you play a vital role in this progress.

From exploring why the impact of dementia is greater on women, to the exciting new community projects from our Inspire Fund, this issue is packed with the work you’re helping to make possible.

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think research autumn issue

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Our top stories

Why women are bearing more of the impact of dementia

As the leading cause of death for UK women since 2011, women are hit hard by dementia. We’re kick-starting a conversation about how to tackle the challenge.

Inspire fund

The Inspire Fund provides funding for projects that engage the public with dementia and the life-changing research going on into the condition.

Join dementia research

A place to register your interest in taking part in vital dementia research.

Keep connected

Research suggests that social isolation and loneliness is linked to an increased risk of dementia - so keeping connected to the people around us is another good way to give back to our brains.

For every £1 donated, 73p powers life-changing research and helps people to understand and take action on dementia.

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