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Because of the support you’ve given to our scientists, 161 vital research projects are getting back on track, each with the potential to discover new and life-changing treatments for dementia. That is an incredible thing to have achieved during such a difficult year.

You can help us to keep this momentum going.

Today you can help us to restart every piece of research that’s been delayed, as well as initiate a number of exciting new research avenues.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s how important extensive and multi-disciplined research is to scientific success. It’s the only reason effective vaccines for COVID-19 could be developed, and it’s the only way breakthrough dementia treatments will be found.

And with your help, our scientists are going to find them. In the video below, Dr Susan Kohlhaas, our Director of Research, explains how you can help keep critical research on track – every research study that you support is a step closer to ending the heartbreak of dementia.

So please, support Alzheimer’s Research UK today, if you can.

That’s how you’ll build a strong, resilient future for dementia research, helping our scientists to confidently push ahead in their pursuit of the first breakthrough treatments.

And it’s how you will help to end the heartbreak of dementia, forever.

Thank you.

Hilary Evans

Chief Executive, Alzheimer’s Research UK

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Step by step, you’re ending the heartbreak of dementia.

How your support is helping our scientists to find the first life-changing treatments.

Your support has helped us to create world-class stores for DNA, brain tissue and lab-created stem cells. These invaluable resources are making groundbreaking discoveries possible right now, such as the identification of over 25 new risk genes for Alzheimer’s disease.

Today your help will allow this crucial work to continue, building an unrivalled understanding of what causes dementia, how to diagnose it sooner and one day even prevent it. By continuing to support dementia research, you’ll get our scientists even closer to treatments that will change people’s lives.

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If you would prefer to donate by phone, have any questions or if there’s anything we can help you with, please call our Supporter Care team on 0300 111 5555 or email [email protected]  We’re here weekdays, 9am-5pm.