Science is our superpower, dementia is our challenge

Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling on the Government to use the lessons from COVID-19 to convene a Dementia Medicines Taskforce.

The UK’s leadership on vaccines for COVID-19 showed that with the right ambition and commitment, medical research works. This formula for success is one that we want to see applied to dementia as the UK emerges from the pandemic.

That’s why we’re calling on the government to use the example of the UK Vaccine Taskforce to set up a Dementia Medicines Taskforce. This Taskforce would work to fast-track advances in research into a new wave of treatments for people living with dementia.

Please ask your MP to write to Lord Kamall, the Minister responsible for life sciences, explaining why this approach must be applied to dementia research. We’ve done the hard work and provided the letter. All they have to do is add their signature and press send!

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