1 Million Minutes

Alzheimer’s Research UK is once again thrilled to announce its support of the ITV campaign, 1 Million Minutes, to help end loneliness.

Good Morning Britain’s 1 Million Minutes provides the opportunity to pledge your time to volunteer to help end loneliness and isolation.

Pledge your time, sign up today and join others in making 2024 a brighter year across our communities.

There are many faces of loneliness. Joining a Cheer Squad is one great way to connect with others. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, we come together as one community to support and celebrate. Find out more about being a Cheer Squad volunteer.

Loneliness can strike us all. Becoming part of our Event volunteer team can help you build community. Being part of a team can be the start of something new and exciting. Find out more about joining our Event volunteer team.

Cheer Squad

60 mins one-off (60m)

Give that vital side-line boost when the going gets tough for the participants.

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Event volunteer

60 mins a month for 6 months (360mins)

Logistics, problem-solving, event support – together we can help make things happen!

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Leading a healthy lifestyle and being socially active can protect brain health and help reduce the risk of dementia. Our partnership with parkrun offers a great way to step out into your community to join with others and stay connected. Find out more about the different roles available before you pledge.

parkrun event organiser

180 mins a week for a year (9360 mins)

Help bring the community together and organise a running event.

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parkrun Event team member

180 mins a week for 6 months (4680 mins)

Help make parkrun happen from start to finish as part of the core team.

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parkrun event support

60 mins a week for a year (3120 mins)

Marshal, Pacer, Warm Up Leader and more – help keep the parkrun event safe and fun.

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parkrun event finish team

180 mins a month for a year (2160 mins)

Take photographs, write run reports, process results – help us finish well.

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Go one better

Invite someone to volunteer alongside you and help break down the barriers of loneliness together.