We are delighted to join RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2022

About RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

Find us at The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, as Ryan McMahon dedicates his exhibition ‘Connections’, to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Attracting over 140,000 people across six days, and watched by 1.37 million people in the UK, the annual garden festival is the largest of its kind.

About the show garden

Connections explores the impact of dementia, from the physical changes in the brain through to the shifting family dynamics.

The concept for the show garden draws inspiration from the beautiful moments when someone with dementia briefly shows signs of their former self and celebrates families coming together to show support.

Show Garden Plans Model

Fallen tree; Exploring the idea of changing dynamics in a family because of dementia. A tree is placed across the front of the garden creating an opening in a forest with younger trees taking over.

Woodland; Celebrating the coming together of families in times of need, the garden opens to a serene woodland, with areas to relax and spend time with one another.

Yarnbombing structure; The organic yarnbombing structure represents the physical changes that happen in a brain with dementia when neurons are disconnected. Made up of crotchet patches from volunteers around the world who have been affected by dementia, the claustrophobic design looks out to the serene woodland.

Water feature; Starting at a stone trough, overflowing with water and ending at a circular pool, water connects the top and entrance of the garden. Water flows in a gentle circular motion until disappearing, representing the loss of memories.

Planting; The planting evokes the feeling of a calm woodland with a palette of white and cream flowers.

About Ryan

Ryan Mahon headshot 1

Ryan is an award-winning garden designer based in Falkirk, Scotland.

“I love what I do and am passionate about great outdoor design and the correct plant choices for each garden. My work here in the UK as well as Australia focuses on native plant choices to create sustainable design to encourage biodiversity.”



What does a garden have to do with dementia?

Dementia is not something that just happens to everyone as they get older. It’s caused by physical brain diseases, most commonly, Alzheimer’s.

Alan Titchmarsh tells us about the physical changes taking place within the brain for someone with dementia, using the analogy of gardening to illustrate these processes, the problems they cause and the research working towards new treatments.

Please take a moment to watch and share.

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Every pound you donate makes a difference, and we hugely apreciate any contribution you can make. Please feel free to choose your own amount to keep us moving towards the day we find a cure.

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