Who will help our scientists find a cure for dementia?


With your support, our research teams will move even closer to finding a cure for the diseases that cause dementia.

Last year donations like yours enabled us to invest £23.6m in dementia research


Together we can make breakthroughs possible.

£5 a month

could help pay for a sensitive brain scan for a person involved in a research study, tracking the effectiveness of new drug treatments.

£7 a month

could assist scientists developing a blood test to help detect the disease in its earliest stages.

£10 a month

could help fund a chemical kit to help scientists detect and study rogue dementia proteins in the brain.


"It's people like you; who are funding life-changing research, who can make a future without dementia possible. By supporting Alzheimer's Research UK you're providing critical funding for world-class

Stephen Tompkinson - Actor