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You are helping our scientists understand more about the diseases that cause dementia than ever before. And this is bringing us all closer to life-changing treatments and, one day, a cure for dementia. In Cure magazine, we explore the progress being made across dementia research and take a closer look at some of the research projects your support is helping to fund.


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Your new issue of Cure delves into the research that’s paving the way for new treatments, better diagnosis and prevention of dementia. Meet Dr Emma Mead, Prof Nigel Hooper and Dr Christy Hung and find out how their work is bringing us closer to a cure.

You’ll also learn about the ways you can continue to support our work, by taking part in dementia research or joining one of our fundraising events this summer.

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Our top stories

Meet Dr Emma Mead

Read our Q&A to find out what our Chief Scientific Officer is excited about in dementia research.


The Blood Biomarker Challenge

With new treatments on the horizon, find out why improving diagnosis is so vital.


Join dementia research

A place to register your interest in taking part in vital dementia research.

Walk For A Cure

Join us this summer for a 5km walk near you and let’s end the heartbreak of dementia together.


Studies happening right now


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