Blood pressure and brain health: what’s the link?

Let’s dig into the research to explore what we know about the way our blood pressure affects the brain’s ability to function.


Candice Brown shares three healthy recipes for your brain health

Challenge your brain with a healthy recipe to chew over, created by Alzheimer’s Research UK supporter and Great British Bake Off winner, Candice Brown.


Inheriting two copies of APOE4 linked to risk of Alzheimer’s at a younger age, study suggests

A new study confirms that people who carry two copies of an Alzheimer’s risk gene, APOE4, have a very high chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

Woman holding a mug and smiling. She is in a group of people in an office.

340,000 people took our Brain Health Check-in – here’s what we’ve learnt

It’s now over a year since we launched the Think Brain Health Check-in. We look back at five of the biggest lessons we’ve learnt.


Walk for a cure – and for your brain health

Our supporter Hat Hewitt explains why it was important for her to walk for a cure – and how walking is part of her toolkit for looking after her brain health.

Man administers blood pressure test to woman in a GP surgery. The man stands over the woman, who is sitting in a chair.

What’s it like to get a blood pressure test?

We spoke to our supporter, Andy Watts, about what it’s like to get your blood pressure tested – and why he recommends it as a way to help give back to your brain.


How much does the UK know about brain health?

Following our latest Dementia Attitudes Monitor, we explore what we learned about the public’s awareness and understanding of brain health – and what we’re doing to improve it.


Understanding diabetes and brain health

Learn more about the link between diabetes and dementia, and what you can do to help protect your brain.


Protecting brain health: supporting the search for a cure

Following the launch of our new Change The Ending campaign, we take a look at how brain health supports our search for a cure.


The science behind staying sharp

Staying sharp is one of our three simple rules for better brain health, but what does this mean in practice?


How does your hearing affect dementia risk?

In 2020, a study reviewing risk factors for dementia suggested people with unaddressed midlife hearing loss may be up to five times more likely to have the condition than those without hearing loss.


A day in the life of a brain health researcher

Dementia researchers are making new discoveries all the time, helping us better understand how to look after our brains. But have you ever wondered what they get up to every day?