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Five things we’ve learnt about the nation’s brain health

This Dementia Action Week, we look back at what we’ve learnt from the Think Brain Health Check-in so far – and the actions people are taking to protect their brains.

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The big brain health check-in – your top questions answered

Following the launch of our Think Brain Health Check-in, we answer some of your top brain health questions.


Introducing the Check-in, a tool for better brain health

Our Chief Executive Hilary Evans explains why we’re optimistic that the new Think Brain Health Check-in will help thousands take small steps towards better brain health.

Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Gallacher: I’ve checked-in on my brain health, now it’s your turn

Having seen the impact of dementia on her grandfather, TV and radio presenter Kirsty Gallacher is on a mission to get people to check in on their brain health and help reduce their risk of dementia. 

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Understanding your barriers to brain healthy habits – and how to overcome them

Building new habits is a journey and obstacles are to be expected. Samuel Salzer explains how we can overcome them.


6 top tips for setting brain healthy habits that stick

Ready to set a new brain healthy habit? Read behavioural scientist Samuel Salzer’s top tips.

measuring blood pressure

Blood pressure and brain health: what’s the link?

Let’s dig into the research to explore what we know about the way our blood pressure affects the brain’s ability to function.

Virtual catch up

Why keeping connected is so important – and where to start

Most of us know that keeping connected is important for our emotional health. But research tells us that social connections can help keep our brains healthy too.

Healthy meal

What should we eat for a healthy brain?

Prof Anne Marie Minihane explores how what we eat impacts our brains – and discusses her team’s research to find more answers.


How does our mental wellbeing affect our brain health?

Much of my research looks at how mental health and brain health are connected – but first, let’s explore how these two things are different.

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5 things that might surprise you about brain health

We live in an age where information has never been easier to find, or harder to trust. When it comes to brain health, separating fact from fiction isn’t always easy – so let’s examine some common myths and put the record straight.

fish meal

You may have heard fish is good for brain health- but what’s the evidence?

In our latest blog, we explore research looking at our diet and whether eating foods like fish can reduce our risk of dementia.