World Cup 2014: A look at the stats

Like it or not, the World Cup is back, and for the next four weeks, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid it. Prime time TV slots will be consumed by games, interviews and analysis. Local supermarkets will try and tempt you into decorating your car with mini flags of St George and in some cases, family members will talk of nothing else.

The world will be watching Brazil tonight for the opening of the World Cup 2014, marking the start of the biggest sporting event in the world, uniting the majority of the world in their love of the beautiful game.

Next week the world’s eyes will be diverted to London to see coverage of the Global Dementia Legacy Event. Following on from last year’s G8 Dementia Summit, experts from across the world will propose ways to increase investment in dementia and reduce the barriers to investment in dementia research

For every game we have available prevalence stats for, we’ll be sharing an infographic via the game hashtag on Twitter.

To mark these two occasions, we wanted to illustrate that dementia is not a problem confined only to these shores. With an estimated 44 million people worldwide living with a form of dementia today, this is already a huge global challenge. Populations of developing nations are likely to age as a result of the improved healthcare that goes hand in hand with economic development; we are facing an ever growing problem.

For every game we have available stats for, we’ll be sharing an infographic via the game hashtag on Twitter illustrating how dementia affects the competing countries.

However for some of the competing countries, there are no robust figures on the numbers of people living with the condition.


So, tomorrow we’ll begin with Spain vs Netherlands and will continue right through the next four weeks to highlight the dementia challenge facing so many countries worldwide, affecting countless lives.

We hope you’ll support us by retweeting when you see our infographics to help give people a pause for thought as they enjoy the football. Remember we’re here to make breakthroughs possible, so a donation to Alzheimer’s Research UK will help us fund more of the research that will bring breakthroughs for people with dementia wherever they are in the world.

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  1. Alex Norton on 12th June 2014 at 10:36 pm

    At least as relevant a statistic is the country’s population, too.

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