World Alzheimer’s Month

Will you commit to defeat dementia?

21 September marks World Alzheimer’s Day, the perfect time to reflect on how far we’ve come in our battle to defeat dementia – and also what we still need to achieve.

Your generous support funds the best scientific research and, though you may not realise, it also inspires us. When we receive donations by phone, online or through the post, we are reminded every day how dementia affects people. Your commitment to defeat dementia once and for all is an inspiration. Will you help today with a donation to our ‘Commitment’ appeal?

We are making great strides in the battle to defeat dementia but we need to do more: Alzheimer’s Research UK are launching a network of Drug Discovery Institutes, forging global partnerships and launching a new Prevention Fund to answer the biggest questions in preventing, treating and one day curing dementia. You can read about these and more of the research projects that your donations fund on our website, on this blog, and in our newsletter.

None of this is possible without you, so thank you once again for your continued commitment and determination in the drive to make breakthroughs possible.

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