Why I’m running two marathons for dementia research this year – part two

clinton page runningYou may remember me from a blog I wrote in June. As a quick reminder, my name’s Clinton and I work for Schroders Personal Wealth, a corporate partner of Alzheimer’s Research UK. I’m running two marathons to raise crucial funds for dementia research and I’m over halfway through my challenge!

I completed my first marathon The Brighton Marathon, in 4 ½ hours and the Vitality 10k (as a warm-up!) at Hatfield House in 49 minutes. My personal goal for the big one, The Virgin Money London Marathon, is to finish within 4 hours. I’m pretty happy with my timings so far but the biggest highlight was how great it felt to be a part of an organised event again.

Surprisingly, I have just about kept up with my training with only a week of enforced rest from a strain. I don’t really listen to music or podcasts when I run so it can get a bit tedious at times, especially when they last up to 3 hours. That being said, it just feels great to get moving after a full day sitting at a desk. More importantly, it’s a great way of clearing the mind and managing any stresses of the day.

My biggest struggle with training so far is time. Trying to find time in the week to include 45-50 miles of running on top of work and family commitments can be tough. Disappearing for 3 hours on a Sunday for ‘the long run’ is sometimes contentious with my understanding and long-suffering wife.

I am nervous about the London Marathon, especially with unpredictable COVID-19 risks and restrictions that may affect the number of cheering visitors that motivate us. However, I do have a bit of a ritual the night before which usually helps! I’ll lay out my running clothes, set two alarms, and try to get a good night’s kip. In the morning I’ll always make sure to include a banana as part of my breakfast. I just hope the weather won’t be too hot!

My advice to anyone thinking of running to raise donations would be to get some good quality training under your belt… and enjoy it! It’s important to enjoy the occasion and running feels a bit easier wearing a grin.

clinton page runningTurning to fundraising, I’ve just passed the £1,000 milestone – that’s a third of my goal! I’m grateful to my friends, family and colleagues who have reached into their pockets and motivated me so far. But I still have a way to go, and just a few short weeks left to reach my target!

To me, it’s important that I raise funds for dementia research. Sadly, I have a couple of close family members who are affected by dementia. My two sisters-in-law, both in their forties, have dementia caused by a rare faulty gene. I have seen first-hand how heartbreakingly difficult this is for them individually, and for those around them. Events like the London Marathon offer a great opportunity to inspire people to support others like my family.

Although my goal is to finish the London Marathon within 4 hours, my main aim is to enjoy the day. I’ll be back to reveal my final time in the last of my trilogy blog appearances, stay tuned.

Good luck to everyone else who is taking part this year!


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