Why I’m Racing the Tide to beat down dementia

“I’ve signed up to Race the Tide”.
“Race the Tide” you say. “What’s that?”

A conversation I’ve had now with a few people. Through the blog, I can tell a few more people so thanks for sparing a couple of minutes to read this. To raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, I’m going to walk, run, nay stagger the length of St. Cuthbert’s Way over the weekend of September 10 and 11. A 62-mile journey overnight in 30 hours. I like sleep. I’m not going to get very much of it – however I’m alive, I’m ready(ish) and I can’t wait to get on with it. Ask me again on the Sunday afternoon.

I’ve got great support from two good friends who are joining me. In no particular order because these two guys are both solid as rocks.

My Race the Tide team


Race the Tide team: L-R Kenton, Andrew and David

Mountaineer Kenton Cool, who let’s face it, could be described as a bit of a cool bloke both in name and nature, is joining me. We have both had first-hand experience of the devastation that dementia leaves in its wake.

David Long, who can perform feats of endurance and daring both in and out of his gym, CrossFit Cirencester, incidentally where both Kenton and I worship at for our Race the Tide training, is joining us too. Having been a great friend to us both during our respective families’ battles with dementia, he proved his mettle and said he would do it in a heartbeat. So that’s our little team at the moment.

Please come and join us to Race the Tide

Training wise, we are pilgrims at the altar of the CrossFit box. That’s a mixture of running, rowing, cycling, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and tons of other stuff that will get us through the 62 miles.

Training goes well. For the sake of comparison, Kenton climbed Mt. Everest for the 12th time this year so I’d say he is pretty much set and if you want see what David is capable of, check out CrossFit Cirencester’s social media. Me… well, I’m the one at the back wheezing his way across the country. Please help me, sign up for Race the Tide 2016 and give me a bit of a push up hill and down dale.

Don’t do any of that until you have been to Alzheimer’s Research UK’s website and had a good look around it. You will be educated on what Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is. Key things that we emphasise are the numbers involved. Around 850,000 people in the UK are living with some form of dementia. Statistically, one in three people born in 2016 will be affected by some form of dementia in later life. That’s a huge number of people that will have their lives, futures, retirements and whatever other plans we all make for our lives blatantly robbed from them without any mercy whatsoever. How can we smash these numbers?


Making a difference


Andrew’s father-in-law Ray and family in happier times

I lost my father-in-law, Ray at the age of 66 after a ten-year battle with frontotemporal dementia. Doing the maths, that’s first signs in his early fifties. We were told he had something else. Not the brutal, cruel and downright ugly diseases that cause dementia and have no known cures.

There have been some superb developments in recent years. That has spurred us all on to do more, raise more money for research and ultimately, beat this disease down.

So help us, join us at Race the Tide 2016 and really make a difference to those startling numbers we will all more than likely have experience of in the future.

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Andrew Kewley

Andrew lives in Cirencester in Gloucestershire, and has been a keen supporter of Alzheimer’s Research UK since losing his father-in-law to frontotemporal dementia in 2014. In September 2016 he is bravely taking on our 100km endurance challenge, Race the Tide, to raise funds for dementia research.