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With Race the Tide looming in September training has kicked off in the Alzheimer’s Research UK office. We’re quite a sporty bunch and you’ll often see a few of us in the gym sweating it out before an event. This week we asked a few of the staff what music they use to power them through a workout session.

Share your favourite workout songs below.

alex-lAlex, Fundraising Operations

Track? Evil by Interpol

Why? It’s shouty, immediate and faintly upsetting, which is generally how I feel about running for more than 5km.

vicky-nVicky, Corporate Partnerships

Track? Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne

Why? I need something loud to distract me and keep me going. This track is just catchy enough that I can’t focus on how long I have left!

jade-rJade, Corporate Partnerships

Track? Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

Why? Because it’s one of my all-time favourite songs. It reminds me of restless freedom, and an amazing trip the States. I know you’re supposed to choose your sports songs based on tempo but I don’t care; the songs I love make me happy and that keeps me going!

carla-cCarla, Research

Track? Happy by Pharrell Williams

Why? My favourite form of exercise is dancing so any song that I can imagine busting out some moves to takes my mind off the hard work of my training run and makes me smile.

yozzie-oYozzie, Corporate Partnerships

Track? Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters

Why? Because it’s a classic 90s dance track that never gets old. It has a great beat and is extremely catchy, perfect to keep me going when I’m starting to lose momentum!

catherine-mCatherine, Science Communications

Track? Over the Love, by Florence and The Machine, or almost any song off of the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Why? I love to end my training to this – the song builds in the perfect way for me to be able to up the tempo and finish in a sprint. I also can’t help but get totally lost in the song and don’t care who can see or hear me singing it to my heart’s content.

There’s always one…

james-pJames, Fundraising Operations

Track? None!

Why? Not at all interesting, but I don’t listen to music when I exercise. I prefer to get into my own rhythm and find it really calming and relaxing.

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