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Another year of progress for dementia research

Research is making progress, and the last 12 months have seen a number of important new developments in the global effort to overcome dementia.


My year as a volunteer

This International Volunteer Day, we asked Alzheimer’s Research UK Shropshire Fundraising Group leader Katie Foster to give an insight into her year in volunteering.

Save this Christmas with Savoo and support dementia research!

What if you could support groundbreaking dementia research while you get your home ready for Christmas, all without spending anything extra?

Cancer v dementia Infographic FINAL

How the general election could transform dementia research

For many people, health is their top priority. And we know that dementia research is crucial for protecting the nation’s health.


Introducing our new Chief Medical Officer

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Chief Medical Officer will help shape our emerging priority areas, including the development of new tools to improve the very early identification of diseases and ensuring swift access to any new life-changing treatments within the NHS.


More to Uncover

We hope these films help the public appreciate the complexity of dementia – that memory loss is only the beginning for some and far from the whole story for most.


Behind the headlines: Is a new Alzheimer’s treatment in sight?

The Pharmaceutical company Biogen plans to file for US marketing approval for aducanumab, an experimental treatment for early Alzheimer’s disease.


Sun, sea, a wedding… and a good cause

Why I decided to support Alzheimer’s Research UK in my wedding.


How does dementia affect everyday life?

It’s clear from speaking to our passionate supporters, that they want to see a life-changing new treatment for dementia. Current treatments can help with symptoms for a time, but today there are no medicines to slow down, prevent or treat the underlying diseases that cause dementia.


Behind the headlines: Football and dementia

The results will naturally raise questions from anyone interested in the sport, so here’s everything you need to know about the findings.


Everything you need to know about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia isn’t just a part of ageing. It’s caused by diseases. Alzheimer’s disease is the culprit in around 2/3 of dementias.


Could the answers to dementia be hiding in your fruit bowl?

Unbeknown to most, the common fruit fly is an invaluable research tool; many scientific discoveries would have been impossible without it!


A record year, thanks to you

We can be proud of the progress made, and it’s all thanks to you.


Thanks for sharing

Taking the time to watch the video will help many people to better understand the nature of diseases like Alzheimer’s, but by sharing it, the impact grows, and more and more people will get this important message.

Unlocking patient access to new treatments

Innovative treatments can be life-saving or life-enhancing for patients, their families and carers. Research breakthroughs also drive further scientific discovery, leading to the medicines of tomorrow.


It’s time to change the conversation

To accelerate progress towards life-changing treatments, we must also change the conversation about dementia.

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What would you want from a dementia treatment?

With our survey, developed with academics from the University of Edinburgh, we aim to gather opinions from as many people as possible. This will help us to pick out trends in opinion, and learn whether different groups of people tend to value different things.


Would you spend your 70th birthday in a brain scanner?

Our Insight 46 study is a unique opportunity to study how factors throughout our life could influence our brain health aged 70.


6 highlights from the world’s largest dementia research conference

Conferences like AAIC are helping to bring about real breakthroughs and we were there to bring you the latest findings. Here are 6 interesting developments we learnt!

Carli Pirie, Helen Davies, Head of Public Affairs at Alzheimer's Research UK, Rachel Riley, Shaheen Larrieux and Emily Cook, Public Affairs advisor at Alzheimer's Research UK.

Dear Prime Minister, will you change my family’s future?

Carli’s mother and grandmother both developed early-onset Alzheimer’s in their late 40s and Carli has a 50/50 chance of carrying the gene.

Cancer v dementia Infographic FINAL

Help us ask Boris Johnson to urgently find treatments for dementia

We need you to lend your voice and send an email to tell Mr Johnson why dementia research is important.

6 areas dementia experts say research should focus on next

There’s more work to be done to speed up breakthroughs for people with dementia.


Why I ran for the Dementia Revolution

How did I feel at the end of my first (and last) marathon? Honestly, I felt underwhelmed.


In the news: Our recent letter to the editor of The Times

Summary of news items.

Blood test

When will there be a blood test for Alzheimer’s?

A blood test, however, would be a simple, cost-effective, relatively non-invasive way to give key insights about brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease.