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Linda Barnes

Could an internet-based intervention help reduce dementia risk in the over 75s?

Linda Barnes talks to us about an exciting study exploring whether an internet-based intervention could encourage healthy lifestyle changes in older adults who are at a higher risk of developing dementia.

Olive Munro Petition Letter

A story behind each signature: campaigner Olive Munro delivers petition to the Prime Minister

  Over 51,000 people signed our petition which was delivered to the Prime Minister today, by Alzheimer’s Research UK Campaigner Olive Munro. The petition calls on the government to outline how they will deliver their manifesto commitment to double funding for dementia research, over a year and a half after they made this promise. Our…


Why you should watch The Father

“Having just watched the Oscar award-winning film, The Father, I feel like I can understand what my own father must be experiencing.”

Clinton page participating in a marathon

Why I’m running two marathons for dementia research this year

Clinton Page from Schroders Personal Wealth talks to us about what motivates him to run two marathons this year.


Our letter to Matt Hancock on aducanumab

Today the FDA in the US made a landmark decision to approve the Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab. The drug has been approved under the FDA’s Accelerated Approval pathway, which includes a requirement for Biogen, the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug, to conduct a further stage four clinical trial to collect evidence on its benefits to…


When could aducanumab reach the UK?

Today is a historic day for dementia research with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcing the first (conditional) licence of a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease in a generation.

park run through tree shaded path

parkrun could be one of your brain healthy habits

Chrissie Wellington OBE, parkrun’s Global Lead for Health and Wellbeing, talks to us about how the reopening of parkruns can help you achieve your Think Brain Health goals.

selfies of scientists

Protecting dementia research

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on all walks of life across the UK. Everyone has been affected. Our scientists are no exception. As a result of COVID-19, 95% of researchers told us they have had projects and trials delayed because of the virus, with one in five having had research projects cancelled…

Tanya Franks

It’s time to make the brain the guest of honour

Actress Tanya Franks (EastEnders, Broadchurch, Pulling) shares her family’s experiences of Alzheimer’s disease, how she balances her work with her passion for running, and why she feels a focus on brain health is long overdue.


Discovering dementia drugs

At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we are committed to finding treatments that slow or stop the diseases that cause dementia.
We won’t stop until we find them.

Three family members playing a board game

Reducing our risk of dementia: “It’s never too early to start and never too late”

In the run up to Dementia Action Week (17-23 May 2021), Prof Alistair Burns, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at The University of Manchester, explains why we should act now on brain health, whatever age we are.

measuring blood pressure

Can we predict how dementia will progress following a diagnosis?

When someone receives a diagnosis of dementia, little is known about how their condition will progress and affect that individual over time. This is because dementia affects every person differently, with a number of factors influencing progression such as having other health conditions, our level of cognitive reserve and whether a person takes medications to treat other conditions.

screenshot of video call

Six take homes from the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference

The onset of spring means not only lighter and longer days but also the annual Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Conference.
Although we couldn’t meet in person this year, our team worked hard to recreate the event virtually and bring together dementia researchers from all around the world.

Hilary Evans

Setting brain healthy habits this spring

Hilary Evans, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, talks to us about taking on a new challenge this spring, following the birth of her second child.


Celebrating Early Career Researchers

The 2021 Early Career Researcher Day demonstrates Alzheimer’s Research UK is at the forefront of dementia research allowing scientists to connect and learn from each other.


Could your smartwatch hold clues to early Alzheimer’s disease?

More than a quarter of us own and use a wearable device. But what if some of the data they’re collecting could help scientists identify who was in the very early stages of a disease like Alzheimer’s, even before symptoms show?

DNA - RGB 11

The risk gene riddle

It turns out that risk genes are a really important piece of the puzzle that helps us build our understanding of how a disease progresses.

Gill L

“Small steps can make a difference”

Last year Gill Livingston, professor of psychiatry of older people at UCL, led researchers from around the world on a landmark report on dementia prevention. In this post, Gill discusses her hopes for the nation’s brain health beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your questions answered

Your brain health questions answered

There are so many sources of information at our fingertips and new stories in the media each week claiming that different activities or foods can either cause or cure dementia. It can be difficult to know what information to pay attention to.

Join Dementia Research (JDR)

Celebrating the impact of dementia research volunteers

Despite delays in recruitment to face-to-face dementia research studies, volunteer enrolment onto studies hosted by Join Dementia Research is at an all-time high since the service launched in 2015.

DNA-High Res

How large DNA banks help us to make breakthroughs possible

Alzheimer’s Research UK recently awarded a £96,000 grant to Prof Kevin Morgan at the University of Nottingham to maintain and expand his large collection of DNA samples. This is to ensure he can continue his important research into the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease.

Prof James rowe

Welcome Prof James Rowe

Prof James Rowe has joined Alzheimer’s Research UK as the Chair of our forthcoming Strategic Advisory Board.

ECR conference

Getting dementia research back on track

Prof Katie Lunnon, the new Chair of our Grant Review Board, explains why we are urgently prioritising funding for early career dementia researchers.


Dementia – a diagnosis without blame, shame or guilt

Sometimes it feels like almost everything we do, eat and drink can affect our risk of developing a disease. The list feels endless and sometimes overwhelming. And dementia is no different.

So, we’ve answered the most common questions we get about risk!

Types of dementia pie chart

Dementia with Lewy bodies explained

The recent release of the documentary ‘Robin’s Wish’ shows that dementia can affect people in many ways. Sometimes more physically than the memory and thinking changes many often associate with dementia. One type that affects people differently is dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), a condition that Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams lived with for many years.