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Long words and lab coats?

Surely I would need a PhD to get in, I’m not a scientist. Will I even know what they’re talking about? What if they ask me a question? The nerves set in.

Tau be or not Tau be

Tau proteins are proteins that stabilise microtubules, which basically means they hold together the structure of a cell.

Sharing the Journey

I wanted to raise funds and awareness of Alzheimer’s and the necessary research that will be required to combat it.

Behind the Sofa

Behind the Sofa is a great book featuring over 150 celebrity memories of Doctor Who, with the proceeds being donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Union J’s JJ – ‘I’m supporting dementia research’

Visit JJ from Union J’s blog to see the photos from his shoot and find out how he is supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK.

In the news: The genetics of Alzheimer’s risk

Scientists at Cardiff University studying the genetics of Alzheimer’s, have discovered 11 new areas of the genome linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s.

Older man in suit drinks tea out of a mug.

Placebo Tea

In this short piece on the placebo effect I’m going to describe why we need clinical trials to develop new Alzheimer’s treatments. And cups of tea.

The sound of dementia

Author and Alzheimer’s Research UK Champion Marianne Talbot talks about caring for a parent with dementia.

Dementia diagnosis – When the light dawns

Dr Trisha Macnair explains the value that a timely dementia diagnosis can bring both the person affected and their family.

Battle of the Brains

Want some ideas for fundraising for dementia research? Alzheimer’s Research UK staff recently held a Battle of the Brains quiz, here’s how we got on.

My family and dementia

Campaigner Beth Britton’s father had dementia for nearly 20 years whilst she was a teenager, and how his family worked to understand the condition and how it affected him.

Leaf of a Gingko Biloba tree

Behind the headlines: Ginkgo biloba for Alzheimer’s

Does Ginkgo biloba relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s? We look at the gathered the evidence of 36 clinical trials from around the world and their results.

Why is dementia research the elephant in the room?

Up until now, there has been little mention of dementia research in the wider social care debate. Why is dementia research the elephant in the room?

A dementia lifeline

Filmmaker and Alzheimer’s Research UK Champion, Lee Pearse talks about his Mum’s dementia and how it spurred him on to set up the Valerie Foundation.

Neurodegeneration – a common cure?

Reports are emerging of a potential new compound that could hold benefits for a range of neurodegenerative disorders. Let’s take a look behind the headlines

Always – Raising funds for dementia research

Rupert Stroud talks about his family experience of dementia, and how it influence him to write the song ‘Always’ and campaign for research. competition – The winner is…

Find out the results of the recent and #pratchettblog competition to win a signed, limited edition Sir Terry Pratchett Discworld Kindle case.

Joining the fight against dementia

It has become very apparent to me that this is an organisation that is going places and I have immediately seen a complete and wholehearted desire to make an even greater impact on the fight to defeat dementia.

Hog roast and a Harley

Carolyn Causton talks us through the part of the job she loves, getting out and talking to people. And she hears some amazing stories along the way.

A man with Down's Syndrome, looking at the camera. A women sits next to him outside a house, with her arm around him.

Down’s syndrome and dementia: what’s the link?

It often comes as a surprise to people that there’s a link between Down’s syndrome and dementia. But more than 60% of people with Down’s syndrome will develop Alzheimer’s – the most common form of dementia – before the age of 60. With our help, scientists are unravelling why.

Ladder couples – working together as a pair

Dr Trisha Macnair looks at how couples rely on each other if one is affected by dementia, and how society should adapt to understand both their needs

Peculiar Pedal Power

I commute to the Alzheimer’s Research UK office on my Brompton, a small but perfectly formed example of British engineering. I have inventively named him Brom. Brom and I rarely stray from our route to work but this August we went a little wild and took part in the World Brompton Championships at Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Is this fundraising call genuine?

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s top ten tips for checking a telephone fundraising call is genuine.

Nicky Clark – Always Elizabeth

Blogger and campaigner Nicky Clark writes for Alzheimer’s Research UK about her mother Elizabeth and her experiences of Alzheimer’s disease.

When is a failed clinical trial not a failure?

The latest results from the Elan dementia trials have proved one of the more interesting dementia research stories of the summer.