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Alzheimer’s Research UK – London Supporters Group

Kevin Zokay-West talks about how personal experience of dementia moved him to become a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Research UK London Supporters Group.

Dementia affects young people too

Growing up with a grandparent affected by dementia, I didn’t realise the impact it had on my family. I now understand the huge effect it had on everyone.

Will this be the year that turns the corner for dementia?

The G8 set an ambitious goal to identify a cure for dementia by 2025; we look at the dementia research investment of the world’s top economies.

Would you donate your brain to help research?

Around 2,400 people have signed up to Brains for Dementia Research since it started in 2007 – could you join them? Find out more.

Back to school

We held a ‘brain workshop’ at a school to teach the children about the brain, how it works and the effects of dementia.

Detox, Diet and Dementia

Can what we eat affect our chances of developing dementia? Alison Cranage looks at the evidence.

Christmas won’t be the same without Mum

Rob Perry talks about his mum’s dementia diagnosis and how Christmas this year is going to be tough.

Dressing the tree with memories

Champion Susie Hewer talks about the tradition of dressing the Christmas tree with her mum, and how she used it to raise awareness of dementia.

When will there be new Alzheimer’s treatments?

We look at the most promising developments in the treatments of Alzheimer’s disease.

Keeping Mum

Watch James Murray-White’s touching film ‘Keeping Mum’ about his mother’s dementia diagnosis and the strength of their relationship.

A joke a day

Since 1 January this year I have been posting a joke a day on my personal Facebook account. I started this for fun, and to (hopefully) entertain friends. It became a bit of an obsession, and rapidly the challenge was to complete a joke a day for the year.

Back a Boffin!

Last night, in a post-G8 interview on the One Show, David Cameron told us to “back a boffin”. Well, that was the gist in any case.

Dementia drug discovery

Alzheimer’s Research UK announce the launch of the Dementia Consortium, which will fund leading dementia researchers from the UK and overseas.

Russell Grant: dementia research is our best hope

Russell Grant shares the story of his grandmother and her dementia diagnosis.

A chance not to be missed

This week in London marks a pivotal moment in dementia research; it will either be considered a time of historical significance when global interests align under a banner of defeating dementia, or an instance in which a global health crisis was only superficially addressed by the world’s largest economies.

Raising money through fun

The 2013 ICAP Charity Day was a roaring success. Read our blog post on the fabulous celebrities who supported us on the day brokering deals and fundraising.

What to expect from the next five years of dementia research

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Director of Research Dr Eric Karran spoke recently about his hopes for the development of new Alzheimer’s treatments and dementia research.

What difference can you make to dementia research?

Dr Laura Phipps blogs on how you can help with the research effort in dementia.

Exploring dementia through film

Rosemary Westwell on the recent event that showcased the work of eight very different filmmakers.

Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2014

An update on preparations for this year’s Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference in Oxford, to be held on the 25-26 March 2014.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Imagery is very important to our work, that’s why all the people in our photos are our dedicated supporters. Read a snapshot of some who took part in our latest shoot.

Union J Competition – have you won?

Today I have the pleasure of revealing the winner of our recent competition to win a book personally signed by chart-toppers Union J – with a little help from one of the group.

Drug Discovery Institute launches

Alzheimer’s Research UK launches a new initiative to bridge the gap between new knowledge about the causes of dementia and the discovery of new treatments.

Going Dutch – how joint funding is helping to tackle the big questions in dementia

As part of our pioneering dementia research, we have co-funded research in Scotland to study the molecular mechanisms that cause deterioration of connections between nerve cells, in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

The smallest of clues

Back to Blackbrick author, Sarah Moore-Fitzgerald talks about her father’s dementia, and how the family coped with his diagnosis.