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Scientist focus – Stuart Pickering-Brown

The Manchester-based dementia geneticist Stuart Pickering-Brown tells us more about his research and what makes him tick, both inside and outside the lab.

The Gig to Remember

The Gig to Remember will be held on Saturday November 8th 2014 at The Oasis, Swindon, Wiltshire, raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Dad hasn’t lost his sense of smell…or humour

I get my sense of humour from my Dad. He has also always loved roses, as do I.

What dementia means for ethnic minorities in the UK

Baber Malik blogs about the effects dementia has on ethnic minorities in the UK.

Amyloid and tau; partners in crime

It has been widely accepted that the build-up of a protein called amyloid into plaques is the key culprit in Alzheimer’s, but this is now being questioned.

Bittersweet Holidays

Theresa O’Dwyer blogs about her holiday and the bittersweet emotions it brought, after caring for her husband Peter, who had Alzheimer’s disease.

Running for Alzheimer’s @ the JPM Corporate Challenge

The Insight Investment team recently set off for the annual JPM ‘Chase’, raisiing £2k to add to their amazing £80k raised so far to fund dementia research.

Research round-up: AAIC Day Four

It’s the last full-day of scientific talks here at AAIC2014 and another opportunity for important discussions about research.

Research round-up: AAIC Day Three

A round-up of the important discussions on day three at AAIC 2014.

Important discussions at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2014

Some of the controversial, thought-provoking and fascinating issues discussed at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2014

Research round-up: AAIC Day Two

Today was the second day of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2014 in Copenhagen, where thousands of dementia researchers have gathered to discuss their latest results.

Research round-up: AAIC Day One

We round up the first day at the AAIC in Copenhagen. Hear from scientists taking part in our audio recordings.

In the news: Can we prevent Alzheimer’s?

In the news today are reports of a study from the University of Cambridge suggesting a third of cases of Alzheimer’s could be prevented.

Challenge yourself

I’m back in the UK and yes, I did it, I cycled 450km through Hanoi to Saigon. Met some amazing people and saw parts of Vietnam I wouldn’t have seen as a tourist on foot or in a car to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

In the news: Blood test progress for Alzheimer’s

The team has discovered a protein ‘fingerprint’ in blood that could predict whether someone with mild memory problems may go on to develop Alzheimer’s.

Man wearing white top rides bike next to the sea.

Cycling with dementia

Our keen cyclist blogger has helped his friend who has dementia to keep enjoying cycling safely. He shares his experience on our Blog.

The failure rate of clinical trials for Alzheimer’s – why we need to raise our game

We need to learn from recent failings in clinical trials and inform research feeding back into the early drug development pipeline.

An illustration of the brain inside the skull

Three things

Hayley Smith blogs with three reasons why you should make your move to defeat dementia at the Big Walk on Sunday July 13, in Cambridge.

Alzheimer’s: An Engineer’s View

Ex-Engineer Fred Walker has written a book about caring for his wife Joan during her dementia journey.

Pledge to defeat dementia

We are pledging to find a cure for dementia; will you pledge to join us?

Defeat Dementia

Our five year fundraising and investment drive will seek to raise at least £100m to fund a new phase of research that will provide real benefits for people.

Global action against dementia

We’ve published new research by the Office of Health Economics that shows the difference that could be made if we achieve treatment by 2025.

Infographic illustrating how stem cells are used in dementia research.

The Alzheimer’s Research UK Stem Cell Research Centre

Alzheimer’s Research UK Stem Cell Research Centre is a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and University College London, kindly supported by The Alborada Trust.

A selection of petri dishes and test tubes on a laboratory table

World Cup 2014: A look at the stats

For every game where we have available dementia prevalence stats for, we’ll be sharing an infographic via the game hashtag on Twitter. Support us by retweeting.

Crystal Palace to Paris in four days

Steven Hallam, from our charity partner PageGroup blogs about his recent four day cycle ride to Paris, raised over 10k towards dementia research along the way.