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On a mission to raise buckets of cash

Seventy-five people from their finance and consultancy team came together, in a bid to help a fantastically worthy cause.

Scientist Focus: Dr Jay Amin

Alzheimer’s Research UK speaks to Jay Amin about his Clinical Research Fellowship for dementia research and what interests him outside the clinic.

The nurses who battle dementia

They all said – “That Alzheimer’s Research UK will find a cure.”

BBC Lifeline: On location

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s BBC Lifeline appeal aired on 16 November 2015. But what goes in to making a television charity appeal?

Windows into Alzheimer’s: How scientists are revealing the brain’s inner workings

Not being able to directly observe the brain has meant that scientists have had to develop ingenious ways to visualise what is going on in the brain in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Be part of our big brain experiment!

What would you like to know about the brain? Get involved with the big brain experiment. We need your help to make it happen!

Dementias Research Platform UK: The Medical Research Council’s new plan to tackle dementia

The Dementias Research Platform UK (DPUK) is a £50 million investment, funded mainly by the Medical Research Council alongside six other partner companies.

Scientist Focus: Jason Berwick

Dr Jason Berwick is one of our newest Interdisciplinary Research Grant holders and will be applying his expertise in brain imaging and nerve cell function to answer important questions in dementia research.

Empowering my community

I completed an Open University module in Dementia Care this year and I decided to face the condition head on. I am based in Exeter and on a personal mission to raise dementia awareness in any and every way I can.

‘Join dementia research’

‘Join dementia research’ allows you to register your interest in becoming a participant in research and get involved in the fight against dementia.

A person holds a plate and is dishing food onto it from a buffet table with a spoon. There is a quiche, a potato salad, and other options. Other people are doing the same.

In the news: B vitamins and Alzheimer’s disease

A new analysis clinical trials has concluded that taking B vitamins doesn’t slow decline in memory and thinking and is unlikely to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

A year full of Christmas

Our Marketing team don’t need to wish it was like Christmas every day; they blog about what’s involved through the year for our Christmas Shop launch.

Party Conference season

Alzheimer’s Research UK held fringe events at the recent party conferences, launching our new manifesto The power to Defeat Dementia.

Why donate your brain?

Why donate your brain? Our blog looks at how these extremely generous donations are helping research to defeat dementia.

Global partnerships to meet the dementia challenge

We’re committed to backing initiatives that bring us closer to delivering effective treatments for people with dementia, that’s why we’ve joined the CAMD.

Scientist Focus: Prof Clare Bryant

Prof Clare Bryant has been awarded one of our first ever Interdisciplinary Research Grants, bringing her expertise in immunology to a new collaboration in dementia research.

Why research is better with a little help from our friends

Alzheimer’s Research UKs Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IRG) will bring new ideas and skills into dementia research.

Supporters’ Day success

People came from all over the country to join us in London on Saturday 20 September for our Supporters’ Day – including surprise guest Russell Grant!

Happy birthday dementiablog

Today is the the first birthday of our Blog site. In that time it has become the place to find out the latest views on the impact and science of dementia.

World Alzheimer’s Month

21 September is World Alzheimer’s Day, time to reflect on how far we’ve come in our battle to defeat dementia – and also what we still need to achieve.

Selina bags pioneering researcher award

Dr Selina Wray, an Alzheimer’s Research UK scientist at University College London, was this week named Red Magazine’s Pioneer of the Year.

A Network of researchers joining forces to defeat dementia

Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network, is a unique initiative in the dementia research field to link scientists throughout the country.

Scientist Focus – Jo Rushworth

Dr Rushworth’s research is prize-winning; at last year’s ARUK conference, she won the Jean Corsan prize for the best scientific paper published by a student.

Tough Mudder

One of our fabulous fundraisers recently took on a Tough Mudder Challenge with some of his friends. How about taking on your own challenge event?

Dementia information you can trust

People looking for dementia information need to know that it is accurate and backed up by sound research evidence.