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40 years running a post office – Alzheimer’s robbed my mum of the retirement she deserves

My mum doesn’t have the retirement she deserves after more than 50 years of working life.

Behind the headlines: Pfizer finds new ways to support dementia research

Pfizer’s move in January was a shifting in research and development priorities to move away from neurodegeneration research carried out in-house in favour of other areas of research, while continuing to invest in other avenues to support neurodegeneration research – like their continued support of the Dementia Discovery Fund.

Alzheimer’s disease and Mum – our story

My mum started to struggle with life in her early 50s. When her behaviour started to change, dementia was not on our radar, and it was two years before we finally got a diagnosis.

Why I’ve been sharing my health data for over 70 years

I am happy to boast that I have been described as one of the best-studied people on the planet.

The Power of Big Data

It’s the hot topic, the subject dominating much of this month’s news. Data. Your data. How it is used, how it is stored, who gets to access it, and for what purpose.

Prime Minister supports revolutionary early diagnosis effort

The Prime Minister announced an aim to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of a range of health conditions including dementia.

International Clinical Trials Day: The voyage of drug discovery

Clinical trials are research experiments or observations; studies involving people that are designed to answer questions about biomedical or behavioural aspects of disease. This may include investigating new treatments such as medicines, vaccines, dietary supplements and medical devices.

The 8 things we want the Challenge on Dementia to focus on

We’re feeding in to this review and have outlined to the government what support is needed to successfully meet the goals in the Challenge and what we hope to see beyond 2020.

I won’t let depression stop me Running Down Dementia

Andy Morris is taking on the Running Down Dementia challenge for the third year, having already run more than 750km and raised more than £5,000 over the past two years.

Drug Discovery Alliance: An update on progress

A highlight of the conference, in which so much was covered, was a presentation from Dr John Skidmore, Chief Scientific Officer at our Cambridge Drug Discovery Institute (DDI).

Climbing the Volcan San Pedro for dementia research

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s first ever overseas trek to Guatemala has come to an end after a gruelling but rewarding seven days.

Looking to the future for dementia with Lewy bodies

While dementia with Lewy bodies can certainly have an enormous impact on people’s lives, unfortunately it is by no means rare.

Why the care sector must act now to defeat dementia

Seventy per cent of all people living in care homes today will have dementia. With the number of people living with this devastating condition expected to rise, it’s no wonder there are fears for how the care sector will cope.

Launching the Dementia Revolution

We’re joining forces with Alzheimer’s Society for a special one-year campaign as Charity of the Year for the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon

Guatemala trek: what it was like climbing a volcano

Our first day trekking active volcanoes has come to an end, and luckily there were no eruptions! It was a challenging trek but we all really enjoyed it.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Guatemala trek kicks off

And we are off! After months of preparation and lots of nerves, Alzheimer’s Research UK’s first ever overseas trek in Guatemala has kicked off.

Why I’m trekking five active volcanoes for Alzheimer’s Research UK

It’s because of stories like these – my nan’s, and my friend’s grandad – that this trek means so much to me. I can’t explain how happy it would make me if the money I raised could help to one day find a new treatment for dementia.

Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2018

It was inspiring to see so much pioneering dementia research underway in the UK and to hear about the ambitious initiatives that are taking on our greatest medical challenge.

#ShareTheOrange – change the conversation

Why an orange? Because the damage caused by Alzheimer’s can lead to a brain weighing around 140g less than a healthy one – that’s about the weight of an orange.

Scientist Focus: Davina Hensman Moss

Dr Davina Hensman Moss is a Neurology Registrar and Clinical Fellow. She has just been announced as the winner of the Jean Corsan Prize for the best scientific paper published by a PhD student at Alzheimer’s Research UK’s 2018 Research Conference in London.

A challenge we must accept to change a future we can’t

At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we believe that research has the power to make breakthroughs possible. We believe in it so strongly that part of the work we do focuses on preparing the way for treatments before they’ve even succeeded in clinical trials.

A year of progress, thanks to you

For our work to be successful, it’s just as important to take stock of where we’ve come from, and the progress that’s been made so far.

‘Wonderful, insightful and beautifully acted’ – Old Fools at Southwark Playhouse

As someone who recently lost a loved one to dementia, I was apprehensive about seeing this play. Would it be an accurate portrayal of the effects of dementia? Would it over-dramatise its impact on relationships or, worse still, sentimentalise it?

Your data, your power: How you can help save lives

The potential impact of your data is what gives it so much power. Your health data, and what you decide to do with it, can help our healthcare system provide the best care possible, not just for you, but for others as well.

Why dementia doesn’t believe in gender parity

While we have known about the disproportionately high impact of dementia on women for some time, we’re not entirely clear of the reasoning behind these differences.