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Scientist Focus: Daniel Erskine

Research Associate, Newcastle University.


Landmark funding to transform early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other dementias

On the day when the World Dementia Council hosts a summit in London reflecting on the progress made since the G8 Dementia Summit five years ago, the inclusion of dementia in today’s announcement shows just how far we’ve come in ensuring the condition is a key health priority in the UK.


Five years on from the G8 Dementia Summit: what have we achieved?

It’s been five years since world leaders gathered to develop an action plan for dementia. The G8 Dementia Summit resulted in a global ambition to find a cure or disease-modifying treatment for dementia by 2025 – so what progress are we making towards that goal?

Dementia and employment: I’ve still got so much to give

Most people with dementia end up missing out on their hard-earned retirement years. But I’m missing out at an even earlier stage. I’m 59, with a decade of my working life left, but I have struggled to find employment ever since my diagnosis with a form of dementia called posterior cortical atrophy (PCA).


We talk to Regional Fundraising Officer Kyle Lockhart for International Volunteer Managers’ Day

This International Volunteer Managers’ Day (5 November) we speak to Kyle Lockhart, Regional Fundraising Officer for Scotland, to find out his experience of recruiting and supporting our volunteers.


The Budget on balance for dementia research

Why we don’t expect to see dementia research included.


Breakthroughs for dad: Improving early diagnosis and hope for a cure

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s new action plan for government lays out five key actions government can take to improve the lives of people with dementia and bring about a life-changing treatment.

Pressing for Progress: Women in Dementia Research

Alzheimer’s Research UK is passionate about championing our female scientists. We spoke with some of the incredible researchers we work with about dementia research, potential barriers and how we can support women in science.


Why government must act now to make breakthroughs possible

In the three years since we launched our Manifesto 2015-2020, which outlined five areas the government could improve to support dementia research, we have seen much success and growth. Despite all this good progress, we haven’t yet reached our goal.

Make Breakthroughs Possible

This is the spirit that motivates us at Alzheimer’s Research UK and, we believe, the same spirit that leads thousands of you to donate, fundraise, take part in research, speak out, volunteer and give more power to our mission than ever.


How losing my husband to dementia inspired my research career

What brings me to the university every day is a determination to ensure other families don’t have to go through the years of anguish I went through with my husband Clive.


6 landmark moments in dementia research

Here are some of the most influential advances in dementia research over the last century – thank you for helping to make them possible.


Scientist Focus Blog: Cassy Fiford

This World Alzheimer’s Month, we spoke to Cassy Fiford a research assistant and PhD student to find out why she is passionately involved in dementia research.


If at first you don’t succeed: My Jurassic Coast Experience

My first words to my hubby were ‘If I say I’m saying I’m signing up to another 100km don’t let me’ …ha ha! Days later I’d registered my interest in the Peak District 100km


Walnuts And Wheelnuts: raising funds doing what we do best!

There is only one thing on my mind this morning –  the open road.

Give and get: the smart investment that benefits you and Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK is delighted to be partnered with the online investment platform Greenfinch. Read how you can help support our pioneering dementia research using this new innovative and ethical fundraising method.

Why don’t we think about brain health in the same way we think about heart health?

Although we haven’t seen any new treatments for dementia in over 15 years, there has been considerable progress in research to understand the underlying diseases.

Dementia is conspicuously absent from new NHS priorities

In all the developments so far there has been no specific mention of dementia.

Looking for answers beyond the brain

Our brains don’t exist in isolation, separate from the rest of the body, but are connected in a variety of ways.

4 emerging non-drug approaches to tackle dementia

Non-drug approaches also hold real promise in limiting the devastating effects of dementia.

What do fizzy drinks and TV watching have to do with brain health?

Many studies are now looking at lifestyle factors in early adulthood and midlife, to see how they are related to brain health and dementia in later life.

Why I’m using my radio show to derail the stigma surrounding dementia

Deep’s using his radio show to shine a spotlight on dementia and ask the questions that are often left unspoken.

Meet Bev: the NHS as a 70-year-old woman

As the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday today, we’re reflecting on how the National Health Service has shaped and delivered medical advances and how it needs to adapt to the changing face of health today.

Walking the Welsh coastline for dementia research

So far Monty and I have raised over £14,000 – people have been very generous, and I’m really pleased to have had support from so many people.

Uncovering dementia and connecting those affected

Alzheimer’s Research UK and Ricoh have teamed up on an innovative partnership to support research and awareness-raising for dementia.