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Online fundraising pages are a great tool for raising money. Really small changes in the way you use them can make a HUGE difference to how much you raise. Here are my top tips for raising the most cash with your Race the Tide page…

Do –

  • Share your story.
    If you have personal experience of dementia and are happy to talk about it, then share it on your fundraising page. It will help people to understand why you’ve taken on the challenge.
  • fr-pageLink to social media.
    Add photos or videos to personalise your page, and link it to your social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook and tweet us any pics.
  • Make sure Alzheimer’s Research UK know about your page.
    The best way to do this is to link it to the Race the Tide event page on whichever website you choose. Otherwise just email a link to [email protected]
  • Jazz things up with photos and film.
    Show people how hard you are training and how great your fundraising events are by taking photos and videos. Evidence of how much you are suffering in your training is great for fundraising – more effort means more donations!

Don’t –

  • Choose the wrong charity.
    There’s more than one dementia charity out there, so make sure you select Alzheimer’s Research UK when you’re choosing which charity to support. If you set up your fundraising page for the wrong charity email [email protected] for help.
  • Set a super high target.
    People tend to give more generously when they can see that you are close to your target – they want to help tip you over the top! Set an achievable target, and then increase it later once you’ve reached it. You can increase your target a few times between now and the hike.
  • Be afraid to shout about what you’re doing.
    Lots of people feel embarrassed about asking for sponsorship, but as long as you’re friendly and don’t pressurise people then nobody will mind you telling them about your challenge. People can’t support you if they don’t know what you’re doing!

sf-kili“When I climbed Kilimanjaro I went out to all my Facebook friends asking them to nominate their favourite motivational track with a personal message. I created a playlist and printed out their quotes which I read on summit night, playing their songs on repeat for the 9hr final push. Getting my friends involved in what I was doing really helped me on the trek, but it also helped me to raise money beforehand. Friends who had sent me a song felt involved and were more likely to donate to my fundraising when I later shared my online giving page. It felt like more of a joint endeavour.

“The song that was finally playing as I reached the summit was Heather Small – Proud… very fitting!”

– Steve Frost, Kilimanjaro trekker

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