Help us ask Boris Johnson to urgently find treatments for dementia

We need your help!

We need you to ask Boris Johnson to make dementia research a priority for his government as our new Prime Minister.

We need him to commit to increasing investment in dementia research to just 1% of the condition’s total annual cost to the economy, so we can find life-changing treatments for dementia as soon as possible.

Why we should increase research investment

Finding new treatments for dementia is critical because:

  1. Dementia is the leading cause of death in the UK yet there is currently no way to slow down, prevent or cure the diseases that cause it.
  2. 850,000 people are living with dementia across the UK and this number is set to rise to 1 million in two years. That’s hundreds of thousands of families living with the heartache of dementia.
  3. Where there has been substantial and sustained investment in medical research for other major disease areas, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS, we have seen treatment breakthroughs and increases in life expectancy. There is no reason we can’t have similar breakthroughs for dementia.
  4. Dementia is crippling our health and social care system. It has higher health and social care costs (£11.9bn) than cancer (£5bn) and chronic heart disease (£2.5bn) combined.

Our call for just 1%

Since last year, Alzheimer’s Research UK has been leading a campaign calling on the government to increase investment in dementia research to just 1% of the total annual cost of dementia. This would mean putting £320m towards dementia research in 2025.

In 2017/18 the government put just £82.5 million towards dementia research, which is just 0.3% of the condition’s cost. By comparison, cancer received £269 million in government funding in 2015/16, which is 1.6% of its societal cost.

Last year, Alzheimer’s Research UK set an ambitious target to spend £250m on dementia research by 2025. That will mean we’ll be funding more research than ever before.

Mr Johnson must match our ambition so we can urgently find new treatments and change the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this heart-breaking condition across our country.

How you can help

We need you to lend your voice and send an email to tell Mr Johnson why dementia research is important. We’ve got a letter to get you started, but please consider taking a few extra minutes to share why you believe in dementia research.

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