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By Louise Martin | Friday 23 May 2014

Regular readers of our blog will know that we moved offices last year. While our new headquarters on Granta Park has given us the space we needed to continue in our role as the UK’s leading dementia research charity, we wanted to add a splash of colour to our new home in the form of some original art.

With our base in Cambridge, we’re surrounded by arty types and they don’t get much more creative than the Art & Design and Graphics Design students at Cambridge Regional College.


Students from Cambridge Regional College with Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

All aged between 16 and 18, we set the class of 30 the challenging brief to show their creative interpretation of what a neuron – cells responsible for transmitting information around the brain – looks like under a microscope.

The students could use whatever medium they wished to create their designs; the only limitations were that they had to work within our colour palette and their ideas had to be able to be reproduced on to a square metre canvas.

To add an element of competition to the project, only six of the 30 designs would be chosen to be reproduced as final artworks.

We were really impressed by the quality and creativity of all of the designs and, after much democratic deliberation, the final six were selected.


“I enjoyed coming up with a range of designs for an organisation with such an important cause. I was really pleased to be one of the six chosen to create my design on to canvas – it’s such a nice feeling to know that someone likes your design ideas.”

Emily Courdelle


“My design is based on a section where two neurons connect. The subject of neurons isn’t something I would usually work around but I have found the project really good fun, interesting and creative.”

Linsey Carpenter


“I looked at how photograms are like a memory and then embroidered neuron shapes over the photograms. I’ve enjoyed being able to explore a non-traditional side of photography and being able to work to a deadline.”

Louise Bailey


“My design idea is based on a close-up image of a neuron. I’ve found the project interesting and I like that people will be able to see my work.”

Kornelija Bulaityte


“I have always been interested in the art-meets-science concept and how creative imagery can be used to collaborate with scientific issues. The neurons are depicted in a colourful and bold way to highlight the distress within a patient’s life.”

Amber-Jade Smith


“I really enjoyed this project because I experimented with different techniques. Creating an image of a neuron was interesting and I was really happy to be chosen as one of the final six.”

Aletta Fazekas

The collection of artworks is now on display in our reception area for staff and visitors to enjoy.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the students and staff at Cambridge Regional College for working with us on this project and adding the finishing touches to our offices.

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