Give up to give back. We all have cherished habits, guilty pleasures, and daily routines. Imagine the strength it takes to pause one of them, temporarily giving it up for a purpose greater than ourselves.

What will you sacrifice #ForACure?

Fill out the form below to let our fundraising team know that you’re planning to raise money. We can’t wait to hear from you and help with your fundraising!

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Choose what activity, treat or habit you are going to give up and decide how long for. Whether it's your morning latte, sugary snacks, or even screen time.

Set up your unique fundraising page, sharing your story and why Alzheimer's Research UK matters to you.

Spread the word! Share your journey and the challenges you've overcome. Use social media, emails, and your network to inspire support for your challenge.

As you hit milestones, celebrate the impact you're making. Every pound raised is a step closer to a cure.

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