Engaging policymakers around the globe to support dementia research and deliver new treatments.

With your support, we’re working with governments here in the UK and worldwide to ensure dementia research is a priority, to help design policy that benefits dementia research, to encourage global collaboration and, when necessary, to hold policymakers to account.

This work includes efforts like:

  • Mobilising our network of Campaigners to press for support on issues from asking MPs to meet with Alzheimer’s Research UK to asking government to keep dementia on the agenda and raising awareness of the need for more research.
  • Raising awareness among UK policymakers through our Dementia Hotspots Map, which breaks down the number of people living with dementia in each constituency. This tool has been important in communicating with MPs about the impact of the condition in their immediate area, as well as across the UK.
  • Supporting the Challenge on Dementia that aims “to make England the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness”. We gave input into the Challenge laid out in 2015 and act as the lead organisation on many of the action items within the Challenge. In 2019, we gave feedback to the Department of Health and Social Care to evaluate the goals set out in the initiative, give evidence of the progress made, and outline future areas that should be prioritised.
  • Providing expert advice to world leaders at the Dementia Summit in 2013, which was brought about by then Prime Minister David Cameron. The Summit resulted in the creation of the World Dementia Council and saw global health leaders commit to a goal of finding a cure or disease-modifying treatment for dementia by 2025.
  • Responding to requests from other countries, including China and Japan, for advice on models for funding and building research infrastructure.