By securing increased access to funding, enabling international research collaboration, and influencing policymakers, we are strengthening the environment for dementia research so that we can treat and prevent dementia sooner.

People affected by dementia are at the heart of everything we do. Working with people with lived experience of the condition strengthens our voice and helps us focus on the issues that are most important.

Investing in dementia research boosts UK economy

Our latest analysis underlines the need for the government to have a long term, stable commitment to dementia research investment, to ensure advances in the UK’s future health and economic prosperity.

Dementia Medicines Taskforce

We’re calling for a taskforce to speed up the development and roll-out of life-changing dementia treatments.

Transforming clinical trials

Our Translating Science into Breakthroughs report argues for urgent reform to prevent people with dementia missing out on new treatments

Investing in research

We’re making the case for increased dementia research funding, and holding the government to account on its pledge to double annual investment.

Getting people involved in dementia research

Research is vital to improving our understanding of dementia, so we can develop interventions and treatments. But finding people to join clinical trials and other research projects can be difficult.

Women and Dementia

We want to ensure dementia research reflects the diversity of the population with dementia and the needs of those who are most affected.

Research Strategy

Treatment, diagnosis, and prevention are the three priority areas we are focusing to make a difference to the lives of people affected by dementia.

Research Conference

Join us for the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference in 2023 to hear the latest findings in dementia research.

Taking part in dementia research

Our animation, voiced by actor Edward Holcroft, explains how each volunteer plays a part in improving our understanding of dementia and helps researchers work towards new treatments, prevention, and diagnosis. Please watch, share, and register today

Get involved with policy

Get facts and stats

The facts and statistics around dementia in the UK, including prevalence, the impact on the economy and investment.

Policy Involvement Panel and Sounding Boards

Our panels of people affected by dementia help drive our policy work and policymakers understand the impact of dementia.

Campaign with us

With your support, we can make sure people living with dementia and research into the condition remain a national priority.

About our policy work

We're working with governments worldwide, funders, industry, and people impacted by dementia to support life-changing research.