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NHS Health Check 40-64 Dementia Pilot

April 2017

Using the NHS Health Checks as a way of motivating people in midlife to make positive lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of dementia has been a success, as revealed in this report.


Keeping pace: Progress in dementia research capacity

March 2017

Our report highlights the progress being made in dementia research capacity.


Treatments of tomorrow: Preparing for breakthroughs in dementia

September 2016

Our report outlines a number of challenges and pressures in the healthcare system that may present problems for the roll-out of potential disease-modifying treatments of the future.


Dementia in the Family: The impact on carers

December 2015

Our report shines a spotlight on the daily challenges of caring for a loved one who has dementia.


Women and Dementia: A Marginalised Majority

March 2015

Dementia has not only become the leading cause of death among British women, but they are also far more likely to end up as carers of those with dementia than men.

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The power to defeat dementia – Manifesto 2015-2020


Our manifesto outlined key actions that we believe need to take place for the UK to take the lead in defeating dementia.


Defeat Dementia

June 2014

Outlining the five key steps we must take to meet the challenge and defeat dementia.


The Trajectory of Dementia in the UK

June 2014

Estimating the impact that new preventions and treatments for dementia could have on the UK economy.

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Defeating Dementia

January 2012

Examining UK dementia research capacity and outlining opportunities to improve support for scientists.


Dementia 2010


This influential report revealed the huge burden of dementia on the UK economy, helping to spark greater government action against the condition.