March 2017

Our report highlights the progress being made in dementia research capacity.

New analysis from Alzheimer’s Research UK reveals that there are nearly double the amount of dementia researchers and scientific publications, compared to six years ago. In this report, we revisit research which was carried out in our previous report, Defeating Dementia, to see how the dementia landscape has changed.

keeping page report

Keeping pace: Progress in dementia research capacity

Through the study, we also discovered that there is now one dementia researcher, for every four cancer researchers – an improvement from one in six in 2008. While we are making progress, the report highlights the fact that we still need to do more if we are to defeat dementia.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the Keeping pace: Progress in dementia research capacity report.

Report methodology and appendix

Keeping pace: Progress in dementia research capacity report methodology and appendix.


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