Almost a million people are living with dementia in the UK and there are no treatments available here that can slow down or stop the underlying diseases that cause it. The condition costs the UK economy close to £25bn a year, a figure that is expected to double by 2050.

But right now, we are at a tipping point for progress in dementia research. With concerted effort from the next Prime Minister - summarised below - the UK can be a world leader in dementia clinical research and help deliver life-changing treatments.

Five steps to delivering life-changing treatments for dementia

Five steps

The five steps are:

  1. Keep dementia research a priority for government.
  2. Enable earlier and more accurate diagnosis in the NHS.
  3. Improve participation and diversity in dementia research.
  4. Increase the speed and scale of clinical trials.
  5. Prepare the health system for new treatments.