January 2021

How we can use ‘brain health’ to transform the public’s attitude towards dementia risk reduction.

We know that up to 40% of dementia cases worldwide could be prevented or delayed, yet there is still limited understanding of the potential to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

That’s why Alzheimer's Research UK wants to change the conversation about dementia risk reduction, to empower more people to take positive steps to reduce their risk of developing the condition.

Brain Health: A new way to think about dementia risk reduction

Portrait Of Two Male Senior Friends Hiking In Countryside

We have launched a new ‘Think Brain Health’ public awareness campaign to empower people to keep their brains healthy throughout life and ultimately, help reduce their risk of dementia.

As part of our campaign, Alzheimer's Research UK, along with the Royal Society for Public Health, has investigated how the concept of brain health can reframe dementia risk reduction.

In this report, we outline the public’s current understanding of brain health. We also set out recommendations to develop consensus about the concept and actions that ultimately will help to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

To make the positive change we need, Alzheimer's Research UK is committed to: