Our position on the leading issues affecting research and people with dementia and how these issues impact our work.

Brexit and dementia research

Our position on Brexit and the five things we need from government for dementia research to thrive.

Sport and dementia

Our position on the relationship between sport and dementia risk.

Dementia risk reduction

Our position on the use of scientific evidence to support public policies aimed at dementia risk reduction.

Dementia diagnosis

Our position on the merits of a dementia diagnosis, measures to improve diagnosis rates and timely diagnoses, and population screening.

Getting people involved in dementia research

How to enable recruitment of people with and without dementia to take part in clinical trials and other research studies.

Patient data sharing

How health data can be shared safely and appropriately to benefit people with dementia and medical research.

Working with pharmaceutical industry

Detailing the policies that govern our work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Animal research

Our policy on the use of animals in medical research.

Use of stem cells in research

Our policy on the use of stem cells in medical research.

Open access and data sharing

We promote open access publishing and data sharing.

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