Learning from people impacted by dementia to shape and drive our policy work.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is working with people affected by dementia to represent their views, build evidence to drive policy, and increase decision-makers’ awareness of the impact of dementia.

The Policy Involvement Panel represents the kind of patient and public involvement we value in health and care systems.

Our panel members help by reviewing our policy work and attending meetings with external organisations.

We are not currently accepting applications for this group. Those interested in shaping our policy work can take part by applying to our Sounding Board.

Policy Sounding Board

Join our Sounding Board

In addition to our Policy Involvement Panel, we work with people impacted by dementia through our Sounding Board. These one-time events give those affected by dementia and members of the public the opportunity to share their views about a specific topic in a focus group setting.

If you’re interested in taking part in upcoming events, please sign up below.