Dementia Access Taskforce

Developing collaborative solutions to prepare for future dementia treatments.

Our areas of work:

Importance of early and accurate diagnosis

We are working to understand current public and health professional perceptions on diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. This will inform approaches for next steps in increasing public knowledge and supporting clinical education and development.

Value and affordability of dementia treatments

We are exploring innovative pricing models and how the value of future Alzheimer’s disease treatments is assessed to ensure these treatments reach people quickly. To do this, we are considering cost to the health system, what patients want from treatments, and how to measure the benefit of treatments.

Introducing new treatments and impact on the health system

Working with the NHS and clinicians, we are assessing current barriers and opportunities to advanced diagnostic tools. We are also working to better understand how dementia is diagnosed, focusing on NHS workforce, infrastructure, and Memory Assessment Services needs.


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