Dementia has many causes, but research has shown that a mixture of factors, including our age, genetics, lifestyle, environment and health all contribute to whether someone will go on to develop dementia.

The 2020 Lancet Commission report found that up to 40% of dementia cases worldwide could be prevented or delayed by addressing 12 health and lifestyle factors.

Looking after our brains has never been more important. With an ageing population and no treatments currently available in the UK to stop or slow the diseases that cause dementia, we need action now to promote good brain health.

Brain health is a new approach to ensure the potential gains from reducing the risk of developing dementia are maximised.

Infographic showing risk factors for dementia over a lifetime.
Figure from the 2020 Lancet report showing potentially modifiable risk factors for dementia that could affect people over the course of their lifetime.

We’re calling for the government to make brain health a top priority in government health policy, and central to wider ambitions for prevention. We’re also calling for more research to strengthen the evidence around risk reduction and good brain health. We have worked with government to enable the roll-out of dementia risk reduction messaging in all NHS Health Checks.

Brain Health consensus statement

Driving progress in dementia risk reduction by rallying health stakeholders around ‘brain health’.

Brain Health: A new way to think about dementia risk reduction

How we can use ‘brain health’ to transform the public’s attitude towards dementia risk reduction and raise awareness of the importance of looking after brain health throughout life.

Eliminating 12 modifiable risk factors could reduce dementia cases by 40%

A new report has estimated that the number of dementia cases worldwide could be reduced by 40% if 12 risk factors for the condition could be completely eliminated.

Think Brain Health

Think Brain Health is an ongoing celebration of everything our amazing brains do for us and a guide to the simple things we can do to protect them in return.

Think Brain Health global

Working with organisations such as the Think Brain Health Global initiative to support researchers, healthcare professionals and the public in understanding dementia risk reduction.

NHS Health Check and reducing risk

We worked with government to enable the roll-out of dementia risk reduction messaging in all NHS Health Checks.

Sport and Dementia

Our position on the relationship between sport and dementia risk.

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The facts and statistics around dementia in the UK, including prevalence, the impact on the economy and investment.

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Our panels of people affected by dementia help drive our policy work and policymakers understand the impact of dementia.

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