Working with industry

Detailing the policies that govern our work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Working with the pharmaceutical industry policy statement


There is currently no disease modifying treatment or intervention for dementia – if we want to meet our mission of finding such a treatment by 2025, we cannot work in isolation. As a charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK works with a range of organisations, including universities, research funders, other charities, government departments and pharmaceutical companies. This enables us to bring together the best skills, resources and infrastructure with which to find a disease modifying treatment for dementia and ultimately deliver benefits for people with dementia and their families.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies play a pivotal role in the development of new treatments. Given the costs of developing a new drug are estimated to be £1.15 billion per drug and it takes on average 12 years to develop [1], we need pharmaceutical involvement to take on the investment and risks to deliver new treatments.

Our Policy

When working with industry we operate under the principles[2] developed by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) – independence, integrity and openness – to ensure the charitable remit of Alzheimer’s Research UK is not compromised.  We also ensure our work with the pharmaceutical industry complies with the ABPI Code of Practice[3], Charity Commission guidance[4] and the Institute of Fundraising[5]:


Alzheimer’s Research UK is an independent organisation and no relationship will be entered into, that could in jeopardise or compromise that independence.


We will carefully consider any potential relationship with pharmaceutical organisations to ensure that the outcomes of the relationship will work towards fulfilling our charitable remit.


We will always be open and transparent about any working relationships we have with industry partners and will specify exactly what the relationship involves.

Examples of relationships

We currently work with pharmaceutical organisations through jointly funded research initiatives, such as the Dementia Consortium and the Dementia Discovery Fund. Both are collaborations that seek to provide much-needed investment in innovative dementia research. These partnerships have contracts with agreed financial investments, timescales and expected outcomes.


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