To have the best chance of changing the outlook for people with dementia promising ideas must be driven through the development process and into clinical trials in people as quickly as possible.

Clinical trials represent the final stage of the research journey towards developing new treatments.

Alzheimer’s Research UK has launched a dedicated fund to support this crucial area of research. Our Global Clinical Trials Fund will support clinical trials across the world testing new experimental drugs, existing drugs developed for other conditions, and non-drug interventions – as all have the potential to make a huge impact on people’s lives.

The fund is aimed at early-stage clinical trials, called phase I and phase II trials, which aim to test the safety and start to explore the effectiveness of potential new treatments. By supporting more ideas at this critical stage of the process, we’re pushing breakthroughs closer to the people who need them the most.

We are taking a comprehensive and flexible approach to supporting clinical trials. Our fund is set up to:

  • support phase I and II clinical trials to test safety and effectiveness of new treatments
  • focus exclusively on the diseases that cause dementia
  • fund studies investigating both drug and non-drug approaches
  • fund drug trials that look at both new experimental drugs and the potential for existing medicines for other conditions to be ‘re-purposed’ for use in dementia
  • both fully-fund trials and partially-fund larger trials in partnership with other funders
  • be open to researchers in the UK and across the world.

Clinical trials are desperately needed to deliver new treatments to the hands of people with dementia who have already waited far, far too long for new developments. A dedicated fund for innovative early phase clinical trials is exactly what the dementia research community needs"

Prof Clive Holmes, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist and Professor of Biological Psychiatry at the University of Southampton.

We’re also supporting the public in volunteering to take part in research, allowing more important clinical research to take place than ever before. Find out how you can sign up and make a difference in dementia research.

The Global Clinical Trials Fund

Our Global Clinical Trials Fund is positioned to make sure that potential new dementia treatments being developed through our drug discovery work have the opportunity to go into clinical testing in people – the final stage on the road to a new medicine

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