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Dementia Research Infoline
Alzheimer’s Research UK
3 Riverside
Granta Park
CB21 6AD.

The Dementia Research Infoline is a member of the Helplines Partnership.

The Dementia Research Infoline offers:

  • Up-to-date information about current dementia research.
  • General information about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, risk factors and treatments for dementia.
  • The research evidence behind myths, claims or current newspaper articles.
  • The opportunity to register your interest in research studies across the UK.
  • Signposting to organisations that can help with enquiries not covered by the remit of the Dementia Research Infoline.
  • Contact by phone, email or letter for people within the UK. Please note that we cannot return telephone calls to non-UK numbers.

We regret that the Infoline does not offer advice or counselling and we cannot offer guidance relating to the care of someone with dementia. Contacting the Dementia Research Infoline should not replace any information provided by your doctor or nurse, or another healthcare or legal professional. If have concerns about your health or medication, you should contact your doctor or health professional.

Operating hours

Our usual opening hours are 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday. If we need to close the line for unforeseen circumstances or all of our lines are busy, you will be prompted to leave a message and the team will aim to get back to you within three working days. Please do not leave sensitive personal information on the voicemail. Just leave your name and contact details and let us know if there are any confidentiality issues around calling you back.

Interpreter services

If you would like to call the Infoline and speak to our operators in a language other than English, then you can start the call by stating the name of the language you would like to speak in. We will then initiate a conversation using an interpreter service.


Any information provided to the Dementia Research Infoline will be treated confidentially, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). For full details of our confidentiality policy, contact the Dementia Research Infoline.

If you are concerned about our number appearing on itemised billing or for call-backs being made to your home, you may wish to ring from a public phone or inform our advisors of any confidentiality issues.

Your telephone number may be available to our advisors, but will not be recorded unless you have requested further contact. If you wish your number to remain anonymous on our call records, please dial 141 before making the call.

For more information about how your information will be used, read our privacy policy.

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