10 things we need Government to help make happen

Increase research funding.

1. Dementia research is underfunded compared to the amounts committed to other conditions. This has to stop and all nations could do more.

2. The UK should take the lead by committing to double funding every five years until 2025.

Increase research capacity.

3. We need more of the best scientists working in this field. Alzheimer’s Research UK wants to see 50 per cent more neurodegeneration researchers by 2020.

4. Alzheimer’s Research UK will be doing our bit and are supporting more research and researchers every year – government and industry need to do the same.

Remove regulatory barriers.

5. We want the UK to lead an international collaboration to streamline regulation across international borders.

6. Regulation should reflect the lengthier R&D process for dementia medicines in intellectual property laws.

Develop better treatments faster.

7. Great ideas that never make it off the lab bench are pointless and the UK has the opportunity to be the best environment in the world.

8. Government should invest in research infrastructure that supports our universities to translate research in treatments for patients.

Improve the lives of people living with dementia.

9. Our research is increasingly revealing the causes of dementia and the steps that can be taken to prevent or slow its advance.

10. Investing in evidence-based public health measures can have an impact right now.

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These facts were last updated in October 2017 and will be refreshed every few months.