Protect future generations - do something legendary

You can do something truly legendary by including a gift in your Will to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Dementia is one of our greatest medical challenges, and there are currently no survivors. Dementia is caused by physical brain diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s. These diseases slowly take away a person’s memories, identity and connection to their family, friends and their world.

We believe research is the key to a future free from the fear and harm of this heartbreaking condition.

One in three of our groundbreaking research projects are made possible through gifts in Wills. Whatever the size, these gifts protect our children, grandchildren and future generations by making sure research continues long into the future.

Find out more about these life-changing gifts by downloading our free guide to planning for the future and leaving a gift in your Will to Alzheimer's Research UK. Or you can get helpful legal information on writing a Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney and paying for care from our videos and factsheets.

'I'm supporting Alzheimer's Research UK with a gift in my Will in memory of my wife, Hazel.'

William and his wife Hazel spent 52 devoted years together before she passed away from Alzheimer's disease.

They had four children and eleven grandchildren – and unsurprisingly, having had such a long and happy marriage herself, Hazel always wanted to see some of her grandchildren get married. Sadly, she passed away before she got the chance.

In Hazel's memory, William has chosen to include a gift in his Will to Alzheimer’s Research UK. He says, "My wife would approve of this decision to help with research, so that other people with this condition may be able to live a better life in future. There's a lot of research going into heart disease and cancers, which are finding results. But now they need to find breakthroughs for dementia too."

With the generous support of gifts in Wills from people like William, we can make breakthroughs in dementia research possible, and ensure that more grandparents like Hazel live to see their grandchildren's weddings.

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