Drug discovery

It’s incredible that advances in science and technology have halved the number of deaths by heart disease and doubled cancer survival rates, but despite this success the treatment options for people with dementia are still very limited.

We must change this and with your help, we are.

It’s a long journey from an idea in the laboratory to a new medicine in someone’s hands but our drug discovery initiatives are designed to speed up this process and change lives sooner.

Developing new treatments
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Our recently launched Drug Discovery Alliance and Dementia Consortium work by capitalising on the innovative research taking place to unravel the complex biology of the diseases that cause dementia, translating these discoveries into effective treatments for dementia.

Drug Discovery Alliance

This ambitious initiative is a network of three Drug Discovery Institutes, based at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and University College London. Led by drug discovery experts in partnership with world-leading academic researchers the Drug Discovery Institutes capitalise on promising discoveries coming out of the host university and the wider Alzheimer’s Research UK Network. Each Drug Discovery Institute will have a dedicated biology and chemistry team on hand to develop these discoveries into new medicines.

The expert drug discovery teams will test promising new targets to confirm they play an important role diseases like Alzheimer’s and start to search for, or develop, compounds that could act on that target to slow or stop the disease. If a compound makes it through these critical phases, it will be almost ready to enter clinical trials in people.

The Drug Discovery Alliance aims to attract 90 scientists across the three Institutes, all focused on neurodegenerative diseases. It is one of the largest and most coordinated efforts to find new drugs for dementia that exists.

If you’re a researcher and would like to learn more about working with our Drug Discovery Alliance, please visit the Cambridge, Oxford or UCL Drug Discovery Institute websites.

Dementia Consortium

The Dementia Consortium is a partnership programme between Alzheimer’s Research UK, LifeArc and the pharmaceutical companies, Abbvie, Astex, Eisai, Lilly and MSD. This initiative encourages applications from researchers across the world, teaming them up with UK-based drug discovery teams to develop their research findings into new treatments. This global initiative will run in tandem with the UK-based Drug Discovery Alliance, making sure we leave no stone unturned in our search for new treatments. You can read more about the Dementia Consortium on our blog or at www.dementiaconsortium.org

By sustaining a healthy pipeline of potential new drugs for dementia, we will increase the likelihood of findings successful treatments that can transform lives. Our Global Clinical Trials Fund is positioned to make sure that potential new dementia treatments being developed through our drug discovery work have the opportunity to go into clinical testing in people – the final stage on the road to a new medicine.